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Last updated 6/25/2011

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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. We do not collect personal information on this site, with the exception of names and email addresses, which are collected only if you provide them to sign up for our tips newsletter or make a purchase. We do not sell, trade, or give your email address or any other information about you to third parties.

If you make a purchase from this site via ClickBank (Keynetics), information you provide to ClickBank is subject to their privacy policy. ClickBank does not store your credit card information and does not provide it to us. The only information about you which ClickBank provides to us is your name, email address, city, and state or country. If you make a purchase, we use your email address to send you some of the bonuses provided with the ebook, as well as to inform you of other products we release or offer. You may easily stop receiving email from us by following the instructions in each email message. Realize that if you remove yourself from our list, you are telling us not to email you again, so you will not receive further messages from us, including the bonuses that have not yet been sent to you. We do not sell third-party advertising in our tips newsletter.

Refund Policy

ClickBank offers an 8-week satisfaction guarantee on all products purchased through their service, including those on this website. ClickBank will email you a receipt for all purchases made through them; please keep your receipt for your records. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase made through ClickBank within 8 weeks, you may request a refund directly from us or from ClickBank. Either way, ClickBank handles the refund processing.

We also offer the same 8-week guarantee on purchases made directly from us via money order or check. You must request refunds from such purchases directly from us, since ClickBank is not involved. We will need your name, postal mailing address, and approximate date of purchase to find your purchase in our records.

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