Secret Height-Increasing Methods Get You 2-3 Inches Taller Within 7 Weeks

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Remember back to when the Russians were Communists and part of the "Evil Empire", the Soviet Union? Remember how they COMPLETELY DOMINATED the Olympics and won more medals than everyone else?

How did they do that? What you didn't see was the behind the scenes research they put into their training, methodology, and dieting for those athletes? NO expenses were spared. They literally spent billions of dollars developing and researching every little secret way they can get an advantage over American and Western athletes?


The simple reason why they focused so much money and energy into developing Superior Olympic athletes was for PURE PROPAGANDA reasons. If they could show the rest of the world they were superior, they would be proving that the Communist System was superior.

This in turn would help them recruit Third World nations to their side against The West.

So back to their research. The Russians were literally researching everything known to man to develop superior athletes. One of the things they researched extensively and poured Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in what was known as "Height Superiority" research.

Taller athletes aren't necessarily superior to shorter athletes, but all things being equal, HEIGHT GIVES YOU AN ADVANTAGE. So like the good communist researchers they were, when they were told to research it and develop tactics and techniques to get their athletes taller naturally, they did what was told of them.


And that research is the basis for the newly updated ebook manual How to Naturally Increase Your Height 2-3 Inches Within 7 Weeks. Not only do you get secrets from the Soviet research, you also get the latest Western research on the subject.

What you will learn from the information in this ebook is simply astounding.

Such things as: cover

  • The men in this small republic average 6'3", the women just under 5'11", you probably never heard of these people, but they are the tallest people in the world
  • An easy way to prove you can grow at least 1 inch within 1 week, NO TRICKS!!
  • American men average just over 5'9", Dutch men average 6', the Dutch weren't always taller, find out why they are now
  • 150 years ago, Americans were the tallest people in the world, what happened?
  • Genetics, yes they play a role, but you'll see how you can overcome them
  • Avoid these if you want to maximize your height
  • A simple thing to do at night to help you grow, you'll shake your head at this one
  • Why the heavier you are the more height you can possibly gain, fascinating
  • Cartilage, the key to growth!
  • Did you know about 5.5 million American males are 6'2" or taller?
  • Why kids these days are getting taller and taller
  • Why Asians are generally shorter than North Americans and Europeans, not just genetics!!!
  • 2 Critical stages of growth and how to maximize this to your advantage
  • The secret growth food the tallest people in the world eat, yes, those same people where the males average 6'3" in height, it's cheap and plentiful
  • Did you know that professional baseball pitchers' pitching arm is usually 1-2 inches longer than the non-pitching arm? Find out how to use the same principles they use to gain 2 inches in your legs
  • Guess how many American females are 5'9" or taller, better yet, just find out inside this ebook
  • A quick massage to "SUPER CHARGE" your growth potential

A Few Words From Satisfied Readers

Before we put this updated ebook manual up for sale we beta tested the techniques and tactics in this ebook with a small select group of willing volunteers.

Here's what a few of them reported back and had to say:

"I've been doing the program along with the massage and my height has gone from 5'7" to 5'9 3/4 inches. That was in 7 weeks. Since I'm following the program religiously I hope to get near 6' within 2 months. I'm spending 60 minutes every day so i should be able to make it. Continued success."

Kevin Jepson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I'm part of your beta test group. I just wanted to give you a quick update. After 4 weeks I grew 1 and 1/8 inches. I'll report back when I reach my goal height of 5'9"."

Ron Tiggs
Tacoma, Washington

"Your ebook should be given to every child in this country. I coach little league baseball and I started the kids out incorporating your techniques into our training."

Mike Wedeski
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"The table and the bowl are incredible. Not only did I gain over an inch in height but I'm also getting rid of my constant back pains. Thanks."

Andy Edwards
Asheville, North Carolina

"Wow, I did what you said at night and the next morning I was .75 inches taller. I grew a total of 1.25 inches in 3 weeks so far. Thank you for your service. "

Jim Mills
Orange, New Jersey

What is the price you're willing to pay to be 2-3 inches taller in 7 weeks? No, I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about effort. There is after all some effort involved in gaining those 2-3 inches. You will get what you put in. Are you willing to put in 30 minutes a day for 7 weeks?

If so, this ebook is for you. Most of what is in the ebook is simple to follow and do. There are a couple things you may have a problem with depending on what shape you are in and your level of coordination. However, that is the only drawback to this ebook and there are ways around that.

There are also color illustrations for easy reference in the ebook. So even if you don't understand the descriptions on what you should do, you have drawings to help you out.


I myself have successfully gained a little over 1.5 inches using parts of this program within weeks. And when I get a little more free time I intend to totally dedicate myself to gaining another 1.5 inches.

I was by no means short to begin with. I was 5'11" and 1/2 inches tall starting out on this program. Now I am 6'1" barefoot.

I was always fascinated with being taller. Years ago I played linebacker in college and one of the reasons I felt I didn't get a prime Division 1A football scholarship was my lack of height. I had all that it takes except the height.

So finding this information on how to naturally grow taller was like a godsend for me. Too bad I didn't have this information 10-15 years ago. Who knows, if I did maybe I would've played professional football in the NFL.

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BONUS #6: Male Multiple Orgasms and How to Last as Long as You Want in Bed

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BONUS #7: 101 Romantic Ideas

In this free ebook, men will learn things such as:

  • The "CIA" tactic---idea 27
  • Do this for when she gets out of the shower---idea 54
  • Do this with a box of chocolates (smooth)---idea 57
  • Idea 69 (my personal favorite), your special woman will adore you for it!!!
  • The "blockbuster" anniversary, no not Blockbuster Video---idea 93
  • The local "adventure dinner"---idea 63

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This information is priceless.

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